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My son tried on several styles of Wranglers at Wal-Mart, and found he's currently most comfortable in Relaxed 38W32L jeans. He is too more snug than he likes in Regular fit 35W, but he can wear them.

When we bought 38W32L "Authentic", two different styles from Amazon, we could pull the button out 4" from his belly button. They were huge. Even after washing and drying on high heat, these were huge.

Wrangler's site online does not indicate this kind of difference in the waist. Most of the size differences have to do with the seat or the thighs, or the calves.

I don't know if the Amazon version of the products are just vanity-sized 2-4 inches larger, or if the Authentics labeled pants are; however, these simply do not match what we tried on in person elsewhere. That makes it very difficult to buy more of what we need.
Big enough to fit my ipad! It looks small but fits a lot!
Nice shirt for the price.
Ordered x-large like I normally do for t-shirts but they were too big. I returned them for the large size and the large fits just fine. Seem like a well made shirt and after washing feel good.
Sincerely more than I expected for the price I payed. The fabric feels good and hope it works as it says for cold weather.
This shirt will not catch you any more fish but you will be comfortable while waiting for the big one.
I recently used this bag on a nearly month-long trip around Great Britain, including larger cities such as Edinburgh and London, where pick-pocketing is a concern. I went back and forth between this bag and a similar PacSafe - mostly, I do prefer how PacSafe uses cables in the cross-body strap - but ultimately chose this one because I preferred the tweedy-looking fabrics, as well as the pair of side pockets. Because I am currently healing up from a leg injury and was traveling with a folding cane - in some places where the cane was too awkward to use because of cramped spaces or too many people, the folded-up cane easily fit in one of the pockets over a short time. Also, the pockets were a good place to put our digital camera - it's a small camera so it fit snugly and deeply in the pocket - for quick access without being forced to open and close the bag. Additionally, the zipper locks here are a little more straightforward than PacSafe's - still difficult for a pickpocket to maneuver, but not so difficult that I was going to have a hard time using them!

I was very pleased with this bag. It holds a surprisingly large amount of small items. As we traveled between cities, I would have my passport in a case, a Kindle, my smartphone, my travel wallet, two folded reusable Envirosax bags, and a dual strap Cho-Pat for my knee in the main compartment and slip-in pocket. (For day-to-day usage, the Kindle and passport case stayed behind in the hotel safe.) The zip-up pocket held tissues and room keys, and the front pockets held all sorts of small things I needed handy like an Oyster card, cough-drops, and some travel wipes. The back pocket was the perfect location for my glasses and sunglasses (held in microfiber bags, not hard cases). I also had printed-out tickets - folded in thirds - in the slip-in pocket, and they were very easy to slide in and out when necessary.

While I note some people had problems with hardware breaking, I did not have that problem. Nothing I carried was overly heavy or bulky, though - I never tried to carry our iPad into this - because I can't really carry a heavy bag anyway with a shoulder injury. I feel if you want to carry more items, you should probably up-size to a full messenger bag or backpack that has more interior volume. This bag is designed to carry your small/slender day-to-day essentials, so if you are looking to cram a lot of items into a small bag, I don't think I'd recommend this bag. I fully concede it doesn't have a lot of expansion room as far as the width goes. But I don't think that's what this bag was designed for, so I don't necessarily see it as a negative for the design - you just need to grasp that the design is for smaller items, not heavier-duty use. (We each traveled with an overhead-bin sized roller-bag and a Small Catalina Deluxe bag from Lo & Sons - the latter bags took care of toting electronics and cords and other miscellaneous "stuff" when we were either flying or on a train.)

Wearing this bag across the body was quite comfortable, and the loop handle was also very comfortable in the hand when I switched to using that on occasion. My worries about the cable not being in the cross-body strap were pretty unnecessary - while this lacks a cable, it is a very sturdy and thick strap - there is no way it wouldn't take many, many swipes with a small knife for the strap to be cut. And the strap hardware was just complicated enough that it would be difficult for someone to undo discreetly without my noticing it. It was also pretty easy to unhook and wrap this around a table leg or through some bench slats if I was worried about someone grabbing it if I wasn't paying 100% attention to the bag at all times.

I also appreciated the small flashlight inside. I ended up using it in some small dark spaces, so it was surprisingly useful to have. And one or two of our boutique hotels gave us actual room keys, so it was nice to have a strap to attach those keys to. It hangs deeply into the bag, so I never felt like keys were at all vulnerable to accidentally falling out.

I am very pleased with my purchase and am not regretting buying this over a similar PacSafe. My main goal in a travel bag was something that would allow me to carry several small items with a little bit of room for other small items. It was more than up for the task.
My last wallet was a Hanks Belts Wallet the was hand stitched and made in America and a beautiful wallet. Unfortunately it went through the wash not once but twice and was completely ruined. I didn't want to spend another $80.00 plus to replace so I ordered this Bull Guard Wallet. What caught my attention was the Bull on the face of wallet. I'm a Taurus so I went for it! The Bull Guard is a quality product but a bit bulky and not the same quality leather as the Hanks Belts Wallet. But I think for the price it works and works well. The bulkiness comes from the flip-down feature which I don't think it needs because without it you still have ample amount of slots to put your cards in. The worst feature is the "clear plastic" ID or Drivers License slot that's part of the "flip down". License these days have a scan thing on the back so you almost always have to PULL IT OUT. I'm considering cutting that 'Flip Down" out of the wallet. I thought originally it was a slide out piece but not so. As I sit here typing this it feels bulky under my left ass cheek. with only 5 cards in it and a few bucks. But with said, it's a fine wallet for the price and I guess it just depends on your needs. For my needs I think I'm going back to Hanks.
Great item
Very good product
Seem of good quality. Better than other brands i have used. Very comfortable to wear.
Good fit. Light. Great for traveling- drys fast.
Little big
A fine inexpensive boonie style hat.
Perfect choice.
I bought this for my wife about a year ago, and for the price it is beautifully constructed. It could pass for a Pony Express satchel of ruggedness or simply a lovely woman's billfold, old mail, hairbrush, back-up feminine products, keys, 3 mints, 14 old wrappers, phone, fingernail clippers, and random screw tactical carrying case. I only didn't give it 5 stars because it has one seam that has started to lose its threading. But considering it carries 36 lbs of must-haves, it otherwise seems to be holding up.
Love the bag. High quality fabric, attractive, and big enough to stow hats and gloves for winter
My husband bought this for his great adventures outdoors. He loves to go crabbing and can spend the day outside. This hat is lightweight, and nice quality. It washes well and keeps its shape. I would definitely recommend this hat because it offers great sun protection for your face and neck.
Wonderful wrinkle free
The necklace and bracelet set was ordered for my granddaughter's birthday. It was as cute as the picture shows it to be and she was very excited to get them and of course wear them.
Softy, comfy worth the money
Great fit for 3x will buy again thanks
Great hat. Weve ordered many like it in the past. I ordered this for my husband; our boys have taken his others to wear.
I look great in these.
Purchased to use as a hanky for the nose. Good size good thickness however not very soft and I Prewashed with fabric softener. I can only hope over time will soften. I purchased due to pandemic and the difficulty finding tissues.
Very good product. .Fit well and good material.
Comes with a Jules California ID. This is a great wallet